30-Min Workouts //

30-Min Workouts //

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30-Min Workouts //
  • KICK BUTT Total Body Workout + Tread Drills w/ Vicky // Dumbbells

    Join Vicky for the kick butt 60-Minute class. The first 30-Minutes is all strength. The second half of class is treadmill and strength. Do it all in one workout or break it into 3 separate workouts! Grab your things and lets GO! 1/31/20

  • QUICK Total Body Strength Workout with Carson // Dumbbells

    Join Carson for your quick 30-MINUTE or 45-MINUTE (2x through minus the warm-up) Total Body Strength Workout. You'll work all of your muscle groups. Plenty of cardio moves too to get your heart rate up! Grab your things and let's go!! 12/14/21

  • INTENSE Total Body Strength + Treadmill Workout with Vicky // Dumbbells

    Get ready to Shred your bod with Vicky today! 60-Minutes of Total Body Strength + Treadmill Drills. You'll spend equal amount of time on floor and on the treadmill. Turn this workout into two 30-Minute workouts on days where you don't have time! Let's do this! 4/11/21

  • *NEW AWESOME Butt, Legs, & Abs + Treadmill Drills with Derick // 1 Dumbbell

    Join D has he gets you through this 60-Minute Butt, Legs & Abs class + treadmill Drills. Make this a 30-minute workout or a 60-minute workout. His calm and cool demeanor will get you through this challenging workout before you even have a chance to think about it! That's how good he is! He'll be...

  • 30-Minute Guided Run with Dana //

    Join Dana for this 30-Minute guided run. Lace up your shoes and let's get moving! 1/1/2021

  • Total Body Shred 💪with Bonnie // Ankle Band + Dumbbells

    30-Minutes and done! No excuses. Grab your weights and ankle band and do this quick 30-minute Shred workout. Repeat if you're looking for a 60-minute workout. 12/13/2020

  • 30-minute ENDURANCE treadmill workout with Derick //

    Join Derick for this 30-Minute treadmill class You will start with a quick 3-minute warm-up before you start into your endurance running drills. 6% will be your highest incline of the day. Grab your towel and water and let's get Shredded and Sweaty 💦 10/18/2020

  • INTENSE 💪 Arms & Abs with Carson // Light & Heavy Dumbbells

    Join Carson for 30-minutes of intense Arms & Abs. Start with light weights to increase range of motion and mobility, next move to heavy weights to build strength, finally end with one dumbbell and lots of cardio bursts to fatigue your upper body! Grab 2 sets of weights, and let's go! 9/25/2020

  • Nothing but BODYWEIGHT workout with Carson // Tabata

    Don't be fooled by this bodyweight workout! Perfect for travel, or busy weekends, this workout can be done anywhere. Carson alternates between strength training and tabata drills to maximize your calorie burn, and keep you sweating the entire time! 9/4/2020

  • Total Body CIRCUIT Workout with Carson, B&T // Bodyweight or Dumbbells

    Burn major calories as Carson takes us through a total body circuit workout. You'll do 8 moves, 3x through for a Total BODY BURN! 8/28/2020

  • Shredded Butt, Legs & Abs with B&T // Medium Dumbbells & Ankle Band

    Shred your butt, legs & abs with Bonnie and Tracy and burn calories all day long with this guided 30-Minute Shredded HIIT Workout AT HOME! Grab your mat, weights and an ankle band! 8/28/2020