Shred to Yoga & Shred Recovery //

Shred to Yoga & Shred Recovery //

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Shred to Yoga & Shred Recovery //
  • *NEW Shred to Yoga Flow with Courtney // All Bodyweight, No Equipment

    Join Courtney for a Shred to Yoga Flow. In this class you will sweat, smile, sculpt and stretch. This class is all body weight and full body combinations and moves to rev up the heart rate. Class has a ton of vinyasa flow to ease tension on your muscles.
    Courtney Marincsin is a Shred415 instru...

  • *NEW Shred to Yoga with Courtney // Bodyweight & Light Dumbbells

    Shred to Yoga class: sweat, smile, sculpt and stretch in this all in one class. This class starts off with cardio bursts and heavy weight full body combination moves to rev the heart rate. Halfway through you will build up yoga poses and add light weights for upper body strength. Class end with a...

  • 10-Minute Foam Rolling RECOVERY session with Dana // Foam Roller

    Let's hit the hamstrings, IT bands, quads, lats, calves, and shins! Dana takes you through the major muscles groups to leave your body feeling recovered after a workout! This is a must after every workout! 9/4/2020