10-Minute Workouts //

10-Minute Workouts //

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10-Minute Workouts //
  • Total Body HIIT with Carson // No Equipment

    In just 10-minutes you are going to power through Carson's Total Body HIIT workout. No equipment necessary for this bodyweight workout. Carson is going to target every major muscle group with HIIT exercises that will burn fat fast. Let's do it! 9/4/2020

  • TONED Back and Biceps with Carson // Medium to Heavy Dumbbells

    Grab 2 medium to heavy dumbbells and let's hit your upper body! With a focus on larger upper body muscle groups, back and biceps, don't be afraid to use heavier weights. Carson will leave you feeling stronger than ever in just 10-minutes. Bonus: pair this workout with another of Carson's lower bo...

  • Back & Biceps BURN with Todd // Medium & Heavy Dumbbells

    Join Todd for this 10-minute lift where he burns out your biceps and strengthens your back muscles. Your strength will be challenged by this one for sure! This is a strength focused workout requiring 2 sets of dumbbells and a mat. 9/4/2020

  • SHREDDED Chest & Tricep workout with Todd // Heavy & Medium dumbbells

    Looking for a quick but challenging workout. Try this 10-minute Chest & Tricep workout with Todd! This lift is sure to leave you feeling pumped up! This is a strength focused workout requiring 2 sets of dumbbells (heavy and medium) and a mat. 9/4/2020

  • 10 Functional MOVES in 10-Minutes with Dana // Bodyweight or Dumbbells

    10 Mins, 10 Moves! We break down the basics and techniques of 10 foundational exercises. You'll spend 1 minute in each exercise like bicep curls, squats, reverse lunges, as Dana coaches you through important form cues to improve your technique. 9/4/2020

  • Abs on FIRE with Dana // No Equipment

    Abs on FIRE! Challenge every ab muscle you have with this 10-MINUTE AB workout! This ab workout requires no equipment, but is guaranteed to SHRED your core. 8/21/2020

  • TONED Arm workout with Carson// light to medium dumbbells

    Arm toning workout using light to medium weights for added resistance to tone up and strengthen the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Carson will keep you motivated all the way through!

  • STRONG Shredded Shoulders with Dana // light dumbbells

    Get strong, SHREDDED shoulders with this 10-minute Arm Workout with light weights! This workout is made up of the best upper body exercises to sculpt and tone your arms. Dana will sweat with you through every rep! 8/28/20